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Active Participation

​March 8, 2020

Full and active participation in the Mass does not mean that you have to be doing one of the ministries. We participate by having the right dispositions of mind and heart. The Vatican Document, Redemptionis Sacramentum, issued in 2004,  states, “The constant teaching of the Church on the nature of the Eucharist not only as a meal, but also and pre-eminently as a sacrifice, is therefore rightly understood to be one of the principal keys to the full participation of all the faithful in so great a sacrament.” (Par. 38). The consecration of the bread and wine, not only makes present the Body and Blood of Christ but also His Crucifixion. We do not see His bruised and bloodied body, or the nails piercing Him, but we are in the presence of His Crucifixion, and we should meditate on that during the Mass. We unite with Christ, in offering Christ Crucified, to our Heavenly Father. It is from this one sacrifice that all God’s graces flow to us.