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December 22, 2019 

Wearing our Sunday best, or at least wearing decent attire, is done to honour our Lord and to remind ourselves that every Mass is an extremely special event. This is also why priests get dressed up in fancy liturgical vestments. Think about it, God actually comes to us in the Eucharist! The sacrifice of Calvary actually becomes present on our altars and we are fortunate to benefit by our participation in offering this Sacrifice in union with Jesus to our heavenly Father. It is because of this sacrifice of Jesus that we have had our sins forgiven and no longer have to fear Hell but can hope for Heaven. When coming to church, women traditionally covered their heads with a veil, and can still do so or wear hats in church. Men are not permitted to wear a hat or any head covering in church. An exception might be someone who has to wear a head bandana on account of his unsightly surgical scars. Other exceptions might be a priest’s biretta or a bishop’s miter.