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Covering Statues and Crucifixes

​April 5, 2020

It is a Catholic tradition that two weeks before Easter all crucifixes, statues and pictures in the church are covered with purple cloth.  This is done for a number of reasons.  It is part of the Church’s liturgical self-denial; we deny ourselves these beautiful sacred images.  Since we are to meditate even more on the Crucifixion of Our Lord during these two weeks before Easter, not seeing the Crucifixes and not being distracted by other images, compels us to use our imagination even more than usual.  The veiling also reminds us that prior to the Crucifixion, which we will commemorate on Good Friday, we did not have any saints.  It also reminds us that before Christ’s Crucifixion, there was a veil that separated us from God and the beautiful things of God, such as His Saints.  The veiling also reminds us not to take things, and people, for granted.  When we are deprived of these sacred images for a short period of time, we appreciate them more fully afterward.