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Holy Water

January  12, 2020 

When we enter the physical building of a church, we dip our finger in the holy water font and make the sign of the cross. This serves as a reminder to us that it is through the waters of baptism that we have entered, not a physical building, but into the Mystical Body of Christ; the Church. We make the sign of the cross to remind ourselves that it is by the Cross or Crucifixion of Christ that our sins have been forgiven and that we can be saved. We say to ourselves, “In the name of the Father,...”  to remind ourselves of our belief in the Trinity; one God, but three Persons in God. This also reminds us that we want to act in His name, as He would want us to act. Holy water is a sacramental and so doing this devoutly enables us to receive more of God’s blessings and to cleans us of slight venial sins.