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Right after I receive the Host

​March 1, 2020

If you are receiving Holy Communion on the hand, be sure to consume the Host in front of the priest or Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion. Making the sign of the cross after Holy Communion is not a practice of the Church, and should not be encouraged. Making a sign of the cross after Communion implies that something more is wanting in Holy Communion; the Source of all blessings and graces. While it is not forbidden to make the sign of the cross, please don’t  do it in front of the person giving you Communion. When you return to your pew, you can kneel or sit and you should speak to Christ who has just entered into your soul. Thank Him, or our Heavenly Father, for this Precious Gift of infinite value. Express your Love and gratitude. You may then join in whatever hymn is being sung, which ideally should be expressive of our faith and a kind of prayer we offer up. Take advantage of the time of silence, once the priest sits down, to continue to commune or communicate with God. You can also continue this communion of love and prayer after Mass has ended, which is highly encouraged. For about ten or fifteen minutes after you receive Holy Communion, Our Lord’s presence within your soul is extremely great. The union between you and God at that time is stronger than at other times because you have not had much chance to commit many small sins which we are often unaware of, and which diminish our union with God.