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Receiving Holy Communion and bringing Communion to the Sick

Posted : Aug-05-2021

how NOT to receive communion

The safety protocols still require that the recipient of Holy Communion steps 6 feet to the side to receive Holy Communion. It is essential that the communicant receives Communion in such a way that it is clear to the Minister of Communion that the Sacred Host has been consumed. We have asked our Ushers to help monitor this for Sunday Masses. Satanists want to steal consecrated Hosts from Catholic Churches in order to blaspheme and abuse Our Lord truly present in the Eucharist. Some people at Mass are slipping the Host under their masks or walking away with the Host. This is not appropriate. Those who wish to bring Communion to their sick loved one, must speak to Fr. Steven first and should only receive Communion from Fr. Steven, not the Extraordinary Ministers of Communion.