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Petition to keep the tabernacle where it is
Here is the link to the petition to keep the tabernacle where it is. JUNE 16, 2021...
tabernacle from center aisle
updated tabernacle
Petition to Move Tabernacle to the Centre/Sign the Online Petition
(The above photo-shopped image is an artist's rendering.) Some parishioners have undertaken an initiative to have...
St. Aidan's Parish Presents - Saturday Online Movie Night - hosted by KOC & CWL
Starting on Saturday, June 19, 2021.... Here's a larger graphic (above) of the Online Movie Night poster...
the chosen online movie nights 2021
overflow mass sign up list june 19 20 2021 st aidans
June 19/20, 2021 MAIN CHURCH - OVERFLOW MASS Sign-Up List - St. Aidan`s (for the June 26/27, 2021 weekend Masses)
Overflow Mass sign-up link here: NOTE: The Overflow Mass...
June 19/20, 2021 MAIN CHURCH Weekend Masses - St. Aidan`s Mass Sign-Up List
Sign-up links here: Please remember to wear a face...
june 19 20 2021 sign up st aidans
keep in your prayers
Please keep these St. Aidan's parishioners in your prayers - June 12, 2021
  June 12, 2021 BERNADETTE MEURLING June 12, 2021 NELLIE SUE PING May 25, 2021 +MARINELLA GONZALES May...
As of Friday June 11, we can have Public Masses at 15% capacity
We are returning to our regular Mass times schedule. For Weekday Masses just show up and sign in...
altar green june 14 2021
st vincent de paul
Society of St. Vincent de Paul
  "Just as one must will only what God wills in order to be a saint, so also...
Welcome back to Public Mass!
I am sure we are all happy to have public Mass again, but please continue to follow...
yes were open
Livestream Mass Sundays at 10:30 am
10:30 am Live-Stream Sunday Mass link here
Deacon Mark Neugebauer
As previously mentioned, Deacon Mark has been officially appointed to St. Aidan’s parish. Unfortunately, he is...
Deacon Mark Neugebauer
koc family time
Quality Family Time Contest - In association with St. Aidan’s Parish Knights of Columbus 11332
The Contest: Provide a written or video submission on how you have spent quality family time together during...

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