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The Altar Society

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  • The Altar Society prepares the sanctuary for the celebration of the Mass.


  • Cleaning the church altars, the altar linens, and liturgical vessels.
  • Replacing the main altar cloth.
  • Ordering flowers for Christmas and Easter seasons.
  • Maintaining the baptismal font, sacristy, and sanctuary areas.
  • Maintaining and re-filling the altar and offertory candles.
  • Cleaning of the sanctuary water receptacles and replacing with fresh water at least twice a week.

Meeting Frequency

  • Weekly on Thursdays after 9 am Mass. However, these duties can also be carried out at a time more convenient to the volunteer.

Meeting Location

  • Sacristy/Sanctuary.

For more information contact:

  • Marie Saldanha (Telephone: 416-491-9876)