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Altar Servers

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  • To assist the priest during celebration of Holy Mass.


  • Assist with preparation of the sanctuary before Mass.
  • Organize and care for the sacred vessels before and after Mass.
  • Manage various items used in the Mass (cross, candles, incense, sacramentary, etc.).
  • Prepare the altar or assist in doing so before the presentation of the gifts.
  • Ring the altar bells.
  • Carry books and other altar accessories as needed.
  • Respond responsibly to special circumstances that may arise during the Mass.
  • Perform special tasks with dignity and participate fully as an exemplary member of the assembly.

Meeting Frequency:

  • Serving at Mass as per assigned schedule.
  • One-hour rehearsals two or three times a year.

Meeting Location:

  • St. Aidan Church.

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