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St. Aidan's Church Ministries

  • We, the Catholic family of St. Aidan Parish in Scarborough, Ontario are united in our belief in the Lord Jesus Christ, and are dedicated to the honor and glory of God.
  • We gather regularly for worship, and are nourished by Word, Sacrament, and community. We are committed to education and lifelong learning for all people.
  • Prompted by the Spirit, we strive to follow gospel values as we respond to the needs of our parish, the community and the world.
  • It is through our active and diverse Catholic community of parishioners that our spiritual needs are attended to by our Pastor Father Steven.
  • At St. Aidan's, we are blessed to have devoted and faithful laity who have dedicated their time and energy to improving and sustaining our spiritual community. Under the leadership of Father Steven, we have a wide range of ministries that assist in making our parish run smoothly at all times.
  • Volunteers tirelessly give of themselves and their time and talents to assist Father Steven via their good works and prayer.
  • Below you will find a brief description of each category of ministries. We ask that you browse, read and learn about these ministries and, if you are able, register with the parish office to become a volunteer.

Catechetical Ministries -These ministries help others learn and become more involved in their faith. To participate in this ministries you will be provided training and guidance. 

Liturgical Ministries - These ministries will require you to take part in specific roles within the liturgy. These can be during Daily Masses or during a Sunday Mass.

Groups -The many groups at St. Aidan's.